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The purpose of the GAS MANager program is to generate gas bills based on the amount of gas consumed, either actual or estimated, over a billing period. Although it was initially developed for use by natural gas co-ops, GAS MANager can be used as a billing system for any metered consumption based utility, such as water.

Since the initial release of GAS MANager in 1997, the software has been expanded to allow for the management of additional information that is not directly required in the preparation of gas bills, but is important in the operation of a natural gas co-op. While many of these enhancements have been bundled into the program for the benefit of all GAS MANager users, some enhancements have been implemented as add-on modules. This allows GAS MANager users to choose those features that they wish to use while keeping the cost of GAS MANager as low as possible.

For those who wish to read more about GAS MANager, there are links to several informative documents in the Resources section below. Perhaps the best way to learn about GAS MANager is to work with an evaluation version of the software. An evaluation version of GAS MANager is available, free of charge using the link provided below.  The download file is nearly 900 MB in size and if you would prefer to have an evaluation version of GAS MANager on DVD, simply send us a completed order form and indicate "Evaluation" as the desired version. If you are unable to complete your evaluation of GAS MANager within the time provided, simply send us an email requesting a GAS MANager evaluation license extension.

Another way to learn about GAS MANager is to request an online or an onsite demonstration. An online demonstration is accomplished by means of a remote control session between a computer in our office and a computer in your office. An online demonstration requires a high-speed Internet connection for the video component and a telephone for the audio component.

Onsite demonstrations of GAS MANager can also be provided at your office. Onsite demonstrations make it easier for co-op administrative staff, co-op management, and directors to participate in the demonstration.


A series of software training videos for GAS MANager can be found on the Downloads page.