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Online Backup with Custom Data Centre

Backup aren't glamorous, but they are crucial to your business. Protecting your valuable data against loss due to fire, flood, hardware failure, theft, and even accidental deletion ensures that you can resume normal business activities in the event of loss or disaster.

The best backup solutions require minimal effort. The more difficult and time-consuming they are, the less they get done. Automatic backup solutions ensure that backups will occur according to the schedule you choose.

The relatively low cost and increasing availability of high-speed Internet service combined with advancements in data encryption and compression have led to the rise of online, or cloud-based, backup solutions. Storing backup data off-site ensures its safety in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure, theft, or worse (ie. a fire).

Finally, the best backup solutions are multi-platform, allowing backup and restore operations to be performed on any computer, regardless of operating system. You should be able to backup from your Windows PC and restore to a Mac, or vice-versa.

Why Custom Data Centre for Online Backups?

Safety. The whole point of a backup service is the safety of your data. We store your data using a very reputable cloud-storage service, on servers in Canada, and protected by strong encryption. We also keep snapshots of your backups, so that you can restore a file as it was on each of the last seven days, four weeks, twelve months, or three years.

Transparency. Our service uses open source backup software, Duplicati, and the leader in cloud-storage service, Amazon Web Services S3. These tools are open to use by anyone. You could set up a competing service using the same tools, or pay someone to do it for you. The point is that we can't hold you hostage, and can only compete on service and price.

Service. We define ourselves by our service and do the worrying for you. We have built a system to ensure that your backups occur as scheduled and will reach out should your backup fail to occur. We work with you to make sure that you are backing up everything you should be and nothing you shouldn't. In the event of disaster, we won't be satisfied until your backup is restored and you are back in business.

Price. Our pricing is simple: $1.50/GB stored/month. Just how large your data will be is hard to predict. Duplicati tends to compress the sort of data businesses find important quite well. Also, by targetting only the data you really need to backup, we can, and generally do, keep the size of stored data quite modest. Still, rather than try to predict your monthly cost, we give you a month at no charge so you can make a decision from real-world results on your data.


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